With Christmas around the corner, have you thought about an online Christmas campaign? The festive season is the perfect time to engage with consumers by capitalizing on the power of digital marketing. After all, competition for Christmas advertising is high and brands that include social media campaigns are more likely to gain an advantage over those that stick to traditional methods.

Social media brings people together, particularly during this period, and people love to share their festive experiences. It can greatly encourage user involvement and interaction as well as increase your audience and spread your message. Those who see your posts can begin to build a relationship with your brand, making them more likely to consider you when they do their Christmas shopping. Things like hashtags can ensure your brand remains in the spotlight, keeping people talking about you.

So without further ado, let’s take a look back at some of the best Christmas campaigns that have used social media effectively.


Argos integrated the hashtag #giftsforsanta to accompany its traditional TV advertising which featured the Argos aliens choosing the perfect gift for Santa. Users were encouraged to tweet their own choices using the hashtag with the incentive of having the chance to win a trip to New York. Mentions of the brand increased to almost 5000 following the campaign.

Costa Coffee

Costa asked fans to send in any moments of their ‘festive fun’ from selfies, group shots or pictures of their pets next to Costa Christmas cups. A microsite enabled users to upload their photos, customize them and share them on social networks or send them as e-cards to friends and family.

Marks and Spencer

Created a television advert based on the themes of Alice in Wonderland and Th Wizard of Oz which featured a host of celebrities. The TV ad was supported by a range of social media to encourage user engagement and direct traffic to their website. On Twitter, the hashtag #petswithsparkle was used to encourage users to send in photos of their pets and an #adventguess competition drove users to the site by tweeting clues about products that users had to guess to win. On Facebook, the company asked users to suggest a name for the dog featured in the TV advert. Users loved the festive fun feel of the campaign.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet used the concept of an online advent calendar to advertise their position as the new sponsors for the Football League. Fans were asked to open doors of the calendar each day and guess which player was underneath, giving them the chance to be entered into a daily draw to win pairs of Football League tickets. Topshop Topshop demonstrated how to effectively maximize the marketing potential of Pinterest, running a campaign called ‘Dear Topshop’ which encouraged customers to create a board on Pinterest dedicated to their perfect Christmas day, including things like decorations, clothes and food. All pins included the hashtag #DearTopshop, promoting the company, and each board had to be submitted to the Topshop website with the chance of winning shopping sprees of up to £500.   So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the potential of social media marketing to optimize your Christmas campaign!buyessay.reviewsWrite my paper write my paper here is good offer.Write my paper write my paper here is good offer.