Meet our small but powerful team

Helen Richards

Account Director

One of Helen’s biggest passions is going out to eat – anywhere, at any time, though in all honesty, we think that this is just so that she can avoid doing the dishes! She’s a total sucker for a new restaurant – but she is quite particular about receiving a good service – after all, it’s her money and time that she’s parting with!

And that’s why she’s particularly keen to ensure that clients who work with CR get the best service that really exceeds their expectations!

Helen is an experienced account manager/director who has worked in full service agencies for the past 16 years. She has held roles such as Marketing, Product and Brand Manager for Housing Associations, utility providers (British Gas) and household brands (Brand Manager Wilkinson Sword and Kitchen Devils). She has over 14 years experience working in Creative Agencies thatoperate in the education sector, driving creative and campaign themes from brief, through concept to final completion. She holds a HND in Business and has an Advanced Certificate in the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Her dual-focus on marketing and individual branding ensures that she is a valuable asset and appreciates the challenges you face, allowing her to help you get exactly what you want, on time and on budget.

Helen Richards will be your day to day contact, however access to the design team is encouraged as and when needed.As part of CR’s overall approach we also pride ourselves on the direct involvement of our Creative Director Gareth Chubb. Gareth is a talented and skilled designer who has worked in a number of leading agencies both in London and Cardiff.