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April 2015

Let's talk integrated marketing campaigns!

Integrated marketing campaigns: What are they and why do you need them?

Integrated marketing campaigns are a hot topic in the marketing world. While you may know everyone’s talking about them, you’re not alone if you’re wondering if you’re the only one who’s not entirely sure what they are.

Nancy Allison, Account Manager at CR, provides some clarity by sharing her expertise:

So what are integrated marketing campaigns?

Much of the confusion surrounding integrated marketing comes down to the fact that there’s no single definition of what an integrated marketing campaign is. Rather than adding to the countless definitions you’ll find on the web, at CR we like to keep things simple and focus the key qualities of an integrated marketing campaign.

An effective integrated marketing campaign will have:

1. A consistent message and identity inspired by a big idea which forms the foundation of the campaign
2. A consistent message and identity which is brought to life and trickled across several types of on and offline media over an adequate time period

Why are integrated marketing campaigns so important?

An effective integrated marketing campaign reinforces what your brand stands for. It creates a strong, unique and memorable identity.

If you were to communicate several messages using several identities across several media, your brand and investment would be diluted.

Your customers would struggle to grasp the reason why they should buy – and that’s if you’re lucky enough that they’ve managed to recall your brand amongst the mass of other marketing they’re exposed to.

Implementing a successful integrated marketing campaign

Whether you have an in-house marketing team or use a marketing agency, the principles for achieving an integrated marketing campaign are the same: use a consistent message with a consistent identity across several types of media and over a suitably adequate length of time.

Some key pointers to remember:

• Be creative to successfully apply the same concept across different media. A printed direct mailer for example is very different to a banner advert on a website. Yet, if they both form part of your integrated campaign, they will both need the same consistent message and identity but applied in a slightly different way
• The media you choose needs to be carefully selected so you can be sure it is appropriate for your target market and fits with your wider marketing strategy
• Be clear about what you want customers to do. If you want to drive customers to your website for example, then the call to action across all media always needs to be just that

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there must be a genuine and original big idea that forms the foundation of the campaign. The big idea needs to be unique, nail your brand, and drive and unify your marketing. It needs to communicate who you are, what you do and differentiate you from your competition. Without a solid big idea, the message and identity of your integrated campaign will be weak and its overall effectiveness will be compromised.

If you’re struggling with any aspect of creating an integrated campaign then of course, our team at CR are here to help.

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